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I've been keeping all of my DLC/Spotpass characters MISB. (Archived)
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Would you want Cordelia/Chrom as an option? (fixed, hopefully) (Poll)
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Is there (or is there going to be) future/parallel DLC? *spoilers* (Archived)ChicagoTed_42/26/2013
Did Paralogue 18 change how you view Gangrel? (Archived)
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Am I supposed to be pairing up units? (Archived)GanonsSpirit82/26/2013
I started a Hard/Classic No paralogues/No grinding file (Archived)
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Who should Stahl marry? (Archived)mattgunderman32/26/2013
So, I was using Hubba Tester just now... (Archived)
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Can I get some feedback on my Noire setup? (Archived)neon_x72/26/2013
Chapter 2 on Lunatic? (Archived)Deoxys_Prime42/26/2013
Would you want Cordelia/Chrom to be an option? (Archived)Spiritofpower22/26/2013
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Opinions Please (Another Marriage Topic) (Archived)ScytheCFH32/26/2013
half hp skill set (Archived)ljkkjlcm962/26/2013
I am very glad that NoA is doing bundle packs. (Archived)LordYggdrasilXX92/26/2013
Rate that character/10: WALHART *spoilers* (Archived)
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Transcript of Support Conversations (Archived)minjasin22/26/2013
the king of restart -_- (Archived)lostinafantasy52/26/2013
Since this game sold pretty well... (Archived)Blow_My_Mind92/26/2013
I just thought of something very evil for streetpass *Possible spoilers* (Archived)
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