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They stopped selling this game. (Archived)
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Better pairing: Lon'qu x Lissa or Lon'qu x Cordelia? (Poll)Rurouni72084/12 7:50AM
Anyone else feel that majority of Awakening fans and players were female? (Archived)
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I think I know how Robin feels with Tajarha also; how does she act with FeMu? (Archived)
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What's the point of Casual mode if I just restart every time a unit dies? (Archived)
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why doesn't anybody have feet? (Archived)
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You know the game would be better if you didn't keep skills after reclassing (Archived)
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Reasons you would say you don't like a character based off stereotypes/pressure (Archived)
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Is there a place to find the Voice Clips online? (Archived)Mariofan4ever54/11 12:16PM
Body type 2 for both genders (Archived)Aranvoid94/11 10:49AM
You are now being forced into Frederick's fanatical fitness hour (or something) (Archived)
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