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The miiverse page for this game is terrifying (Archived)
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I hope the MU customization..... (Archived)
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What does the "SKILL" stat contribute to ? (Archived)Dark_Placebo61/23/2014
Poll : Did you recruit or kill Gangrel again in the Spotpass map . (Poll)Dual-Shock341/23/2014
Why can't this moe waifu crap simply disappear (Archived)
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Best class for my Morgan (F)? (Archived)JyrikGauldy101/23/2014
Nobody cares about Morgan *SPOILERS* (Archived)7lightsXIII51/23/2014
Recommended classes for avatar? (Archived)Stanemac1261/23/2014
DLC for first runthrough? (Archived)cjpv131/23/2014
How do I make money in this game? (Archived)alertcimmy81/23/2014
Are the animations in this game more fresh and less stiff than in PoR? (Archived)HakuMan11138671/23/2014
Can my main guy become a Thief? (Archived)cjpv151/23/2014
The shepherds military life (Archived)Aranvoid51/23/2014
Gaius!Noire Sniper Streetpass skill set. (Archived)DoppelgangerEX71/23/2014
Best pairup unit for a physical unit? (Archived)DominatedMind101/23/2014
No grind + Base class Challenge (Archived)Bagel_Bear101/23/2014
Should I bother giving Olivia Limit Breaker? (Archived)8Panda71/22/2014
Some pairing seem more canon than any should. (Archived)
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If you could be any FE character what would you do (Archived)
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How long do you think it will take till the FE 3ds skyrockets in value? (Archived)blueruler31/22/2014
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