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Prospective Lunatic+ pairings (Archived)Suichimo101/26/2014
Best skill set for Donnel!Owain (Archived)HeroFrequency71/26/2014
What were your pairings in your first playthrough? (Archived)
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In development, which do you think came first? The S support, or the kids plot? (Poll)Rot8er_ConeX41/26/2014
New to game Pairing help (Archived)Prinny2541/26/2014
Can someone pls explain lv grinding to me (Archived)HeroFrequency41/26/2014
Gaius!Noire's Skill Set? (Archived)Null_Mime41/26/2014
I'm raging - Chrom married my wife damnit (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
missing 2 characters from the support conversation? (Archived)STHSWN31/26/2014
New to the game Support help (Archived)Prinny2511/26/2014
Any benefits in leveling a promoted unit beyond 15? (Archived)Zerocrossings21/26/2014
Some people should stop hating on Emmeryn *Spoilers* (Archived)
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Best Support Class for Cherche: Wyvern Lord, War Cleric, or Bride? (Archived)Null_Mime51/26/2014
Chapter 23-24 story questions? SPOILERS* (Poll)TheMKDestroyer31/26/2014
Are weaponfaires good for Support characters ? (Archived)Dark_Placebo51/26/2014
Any support skills suggestions for Chrom ? Pair with MU. (Archived)
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Convince me to make my MUMale marry Lucina and not Tharja again! (Archived)
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Best Asset/Flaw for a Dark Knight MU on my first Lunatic run? (Archived)Atrabilious11/26/2014
Best place to start this series (Archived)
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What pairings should I use for my team? (Archived)KillSwitch87311/26/2014
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