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Parent death help (Archived)Mrpenguin45431/5/2014
Galeforce vs Wrath vs Tomefaire for Libra!Owain? (Archived)
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Are these the best skills for a basic in game and dlc super team? (Archived)Sus_draconus61/5/2014
Another second seal question and skills question. (Archived)tiggereric41/5/2014
Try to level up all low lv characters, or just have one strong dream team? (Archived)JeiWo61/5/2014
Are these good marriage partners for the children? (Archived)Toxiseed71/5/2014
Character Themed Avatars! (Archived)Count_Sylverion31/5/2014
Nowi... Reclassing? (Archived)Toxiseed71/5/2014
Good skills for a Sorcerer Gaius!Noire? (Archived)8Panda61/5/2014
Why can't Chrom and Cordelia relationship improve? (Archived)thebrucelee71/5/2014
How to level unpromoted character with high internal level? (Lunatic) (Archived)Vampiracy21/5/2014
A Taguel Dream Realized (Archived)
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Class for a female Avatar that's magic oriented? (Archived)Aki_Leaves91/4/2014
Skills question (Archived)Seph_PKM41/4/2014
Which Fire Emblem Game would make the best anime adaption? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Lunatic+ (Archived)Anagram51/4/2014
Should i focus on buying new weapons or upgrading current ones? (Archived)Okikurmi71/4/2014
How in the world do you end up with values like 1891G? (Archived)Lao-ShanTux51/4/2014
skill help. (Archived)tiggereric11/4/2014
Blond haired Severa or Black haired Severa? (Archived)
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