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Who here thinks they should have done more supports for Say'ri? (Archived)
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Questions from a first-timer. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
So are the Damage, Hit Rate/Accuracy, and Critical Rate formulas known yet? (Archived)SonicRecords41/24/2014
Gen 1 Character Skill Sets for Lunatic DLC? (Archived)Null_Mime41/24/2014
These 2 should have had supports. (Archived)TGAkuma41/24/2014
Was this a minor spoiler? (*Spoilers*) (Archived)HakuMan11138661/24/2014
Support conversations (Archived)FrostySnowman8751/24/2014
Hmm. Owain with Avatar. Spoilers* (Archived)TGAkuma31/24/2014
General questions regarding missables/recruiting/story (Archived)_ChocoboSage_81/24/2014
Donnel's luck growth as a merc? (Archived)
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So, about PoR's easy mode... (Archived)
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Why can't Lissa and Maribelle pair? (Archived)KiraWins31/24/2014
Iron sword and iron axe doing the same exact damage. (Archived)TGAkuma41/24/2014
Female Avatar & Tharja... (Archived)PhantasmKari71/24/2014
Question on reclassing and promoting (reverting) (Archived)Dark_Placebo31/24/2014
This is my first FE, many questions (spoilers of course) (Archived)
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How do you get Limit Breaker ? (Archived)Dark_Placebo91/24/2014
S rank relationships (Archived)rvnender31/24/2014
How deep is the gameplay in this? (Archived)HakuMan11138651/24/2014
Regarding changing classes and promotion (Newbie here, please bear with me lol) (Archived)Ichipoo31/24/2014
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