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Evasion tank, will it work? (Archived)hypadragon231/27/2014
Kellam would be scary if he was an assassin... (Archived)Runesamurai51/27/2014
So instead of archer I think we should have a 'baller' character (Archived)KiraWins31/27/2014
Where can I get the OST (Archived)jader20131/27/2014
Are there any skills a Male MU needs to pass down to Manakete!Morgan? (Archived)Vaz12671/27/2014
Fun, unorthodox pairings to try? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Create supports between 2 characters who can't support each other Part 2! (Archived)Runesamurai31/27/2014
My Streetpass Team Composition (Archived)Ryumanyamana51/27/2014
Who are your favorite characters in Awakening? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
lol? No one care about Gregor's birthday? (Archived)hrkiral71/27/2014
You see Walhart, Validar, and Chrom being chased by Nintendogs. (Archived)
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This probably has been asked 100 times but (Archived)KiraWins61/27/2014
Why do all the characters look good (Archived)PrintScreenKey101/27/2014
Worst optimal pairings? (Archived)SonOfAsandworm61/27/2014
Getting all S supports for MU in the support log. (Archived)TheMKDestroyer71/27/2014
*Fights Lewyn at the Twins Turf* (Archived)Huff n puff 2041/27/2014
Post game question (Archived)FrostySnowman8721/27/2014
Chrom/Generic Village Maiden is the best ship. (Archived)
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Smash Brethren characters, what class and skills to use for them? (Archived)Zerocrossings21/27/2014
Spotpass Character (Archived)Dragonruler999951/27/2014
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