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DLC question - Should I buy the packs of 3 for value, or individual maps? (Archived)
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Is Tharja a post-op transsexual? (Archived)The_Vaike69/18/2013
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Better game: Persona 4 Golden or Fire Emblem Awakening? (Poll)
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Everyone please vote for Chrom!!!!! (Archived)
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Best Morgan under these circumstances? (Archived)
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Optimizing Severa + Morgan with some limitations (Archived)Veliuz19/17/2013
Do you think any characters already have fanbases in the millions? (Archived)Bleck589/17/2013
Anna as a Bow Knight or Sniper? (Archived)RetroYoshi419139/17/2013
C/D: Gregor is pretty much the best thing ever. (Archived)
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Rate the Character, Special Edition 2: Naming the 4 new kids, or maybe not? (Poll)
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About Owain's Sword Hand (Poll)
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