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So how all the Fire Emblem main heroes ended up dying? (Archived)Vegeta9005910/15/2013
Is there a way (Archived)4sakuraHa0210/15/2013
I guess Nah's localization wasn't so off after all. (Archived)
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Theory: The Falchion is actually the Tyrfing from FE4/5 (Spoilers Included) (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Polls about to close. Owain obliterrates Tharja 1,000-300 (Archived)tropicanaflight510/14/2013
Technical question about Laurent (spoilers) (Archived)Rainierman410/14/2013
Past Problems (Archived)ArcherRhys310/14/2013
honestly i would think FE would be improved by being more puzzle-gamey (Archived)moon1244910/14/2013
Luna + Aether/Lethality (Archived)SazukeEX410/14/2013
Has anyone made a Soundboard for this game? (Archived)dandangogogo110/14/2013
Chapter 5- Who out of my team is weak? (Archived)TheBates610/14/2013
Who should female MU marry? (Archived)YayorNay810/14/2013
Well this game has been out for a long time now (Archived)
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Rick52's Character Comparison Guide (Archived)TheBates110/14/2013
Which skills should the children inherit? (Archived)YayorNay310/14/2013
Vengeance with lifetaker acceptable? (Archived)tohrin210/14/2013
super newbie question about dlc purchases (Archived)soran66510/14/2013
Final Classes for these units? (Archived)yoshiboy333610/14/2013
So what is the life span of Taguel/Manakete also few other questions about them (Archived)Vegeta9005710/14/2013
Are there any story content or story characters from the DLCs? (Archived)709zzy610/14/2013
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