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Aversa Paralogue (Archived)Libomasus59/3/2013
preparing for lunatic (Archived)davis_59/3/2013
Is there an optimal way to grind for Skills? (Archived)DarkKirby250069/3/2013
What to pass to Ricken!Laurent? (Archived)LunestarOmega39/3/2013
Will this game get a price drop soon? (Archived)NachoCrunk79/3/2013
Given these available Fathers... (Archived)rightzzzy39/3/2013
Compilation of every skill activation/crit quote in the game. *Spoilers* (Archived)578t7645uyb569/3/2013
What's with characters in the game that look different than their official art? (Archived)DarkKirby250069/3/2013
Is the Levin Sword ever sold at a normal shop? (Archived)DarkKirby250079/3/2013
Anyone else get a Tales of Symphonia II vibe when playing this? (Archived)Lylat_Cruiser59/3/2013
How do this game tie into Fire Emblem 4 story wise (Archived)RaidenHero39/3/2013
Why did Anna's parents give all their daughters the same name? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
The only way to level up without progressing the story are DLC maps? (Archived)PrettyTonyTiger59/3/2013
Libra!Inigo: Final Class? (Archived)rightzzzy49/3/2013
Gaius!Nah mistake :( (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
What the hell's up with the growth rates? (Archived)TrueBlue9179/3/2013
despoil and support (Archived)Zmech49/3/2013
Does any one else find Panne very invigorating to look at? (Archived)
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So if you switch back to an old class (Archived)Zmech39/3/2013
Rate my Crazy (Archived)
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Huff n puff 20119/3/2013
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