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Tiebreaker: Favorite Husband for Nowi? (Poll)
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Best option for a husband for Miriel out of my remaining bachelors? (Archived)OldAngryGamer48/24/2013
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Severa low mag growth? (Archived)Slapped_Penguin78/24/2013
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Character Battle: WE NEED TO RALLY IKE! (Archived)
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no one should talk min-maxing until they've seen these videos (Archived)
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Relationship boosts after marriage? (Archived)Karin1848/24/2013
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Roster Rescue the last DLC for Europe? (Archived)Nolax88/24/2013
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CYOA: Let Sleeping Gods Wake (Archived)
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Would you like a nosferatu-like bow (Archived)
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Need Help Deciding Avatar's Final Skill (Archived)Dragonball9899108/24/2013
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lvl 16 Frederick cant use master seal (Archived)PitchBlackFox38/24/2013