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This is a nice theme song for the second generation characters. (Archived)
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Radiant Dawn Question (because the RD boards are kinda dead.) (Archived)
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Rate the Character, Xenologue 26: Anna's daughter 1 (Chrom/Fred/Virion) (Archived)
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Walk up into the club like... (Archived)MrSaturn129/18/2013
Need some advice. (Archived)92bryan79/18/2013
For Vaike!Kjelle should I pass Counter or Axefaire for Helswrath? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
lunatic+ help (Archived)chuuco69/18/2013
Sometimes I really hate Dual Guards (Archived)Huff n puff 2099/18/2013
Rate my children! (Generation 2 min/max) (Archived)2vNiEp199/18/2013
Think of an Awakening character before entering. (Archived)
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"Two Risen, a wyvern, and a priest walk into a bar-" (Archived)Haxdreigon99/18/2013
People still like Roy? (Archived)CaptainBang99/18/2013
DLC question - Should I buy the packs of 3 for value, or individual maps? (Archived)
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Is Tharja a post-op transsexual? (Archived)The_Vaike69/18/2013
I'd rather every enemy on the Ch24 be replaced with Ikeadins than Gero/Luci (Archived)Huff n puff 2089/18/2013
Timelimit for Marriages ? (Archived)theseus1959/18/2013
Better game: Persona 4 Golden or Fire Emblem Awakening? (Poll)
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Everyone please vote for Chrom!!!!! (Archived)
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Tharja reminds me... (Archived)Darizuka29/18/2013
Why the hell can't I use Rescue in Future Past? -maybe spolier- (Archived)2ylyt49/18/2013
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