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What DLCs do YOU recommend? (Archived)Private_Noob107/29/2013
Is Gregor supposed to suck? (Archived)
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*Turns Morgan into a Dark Flier* (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis97/29/2013
Second Seal question (Archived)heero_fred47/29/2013
Is it possible to solo (with support) R&R 3 with Morgan? (Archived)
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Gregor!Gerome or Vaike!gerome and other pairing questions (Archived)MyzticRedPanda67/29/2013
Da ****? Dis game don't scale with your levels?!?! (Archived)
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Reclassing or Upgrading? (Archived)Zeropositivo107/29/2013
ITT:We ask and answer logical FE:A questions *possible spoilers* (Archived)TableFlip47/29/2013
Can Sol proc over Nosferatu/Aversa? (Archived)vanguard2947/29/2013
Best way to level up? (Archived)Yoshiguy397157/29/2013
Favorite Wife for Virion? (Poll)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Fire Emblem Awakening - Lunatic+ Guide Prologue - Chapter 3 (Archived)FierceRegalia47/29/2013
Remove old FE avatars from party? (Archived)Karin1857/29/2013
Help planning a Lunatic run? (Archived)
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So the moment you finish the Gangrel Arc... (Archived)Lylat_Cruiser107/28/2013
"Marth" figurine spotted at Wonfes. (Archived)
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Is it possible to miss any Children recruiting? *Spoilers maybe* (Archived)Hikusai57/28/2013
Avatar as a Dark Knight (Archived)BlackPhoenix12777/28/2013
Heir to Frederick's Legacy (Archived)
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