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Which is the best unforgable axe? (Poll)thefinalcard87/16/2013
Today is OWAIN'S BIRTHDAY!!!! (Archived)
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Looks like teach just got tenure. (Archived)
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If tharja could win character battles why can't lucina and chrom do it? (Archived)kukingina267/16/2013
"No soul can reach us. You must face your grim fate alone!" (Archived)uuurrrggh37/16/2013
Are LB2, SB2+3, RnR2+3, Golden, FP, and Apotheosis the best DLC to buy? (Archived)DespondentDeity97/16/2013
so I got the 30$ promo which DLC should I get? (Archived)AuroraBackflow27/16/2013
canon parents? (Archived)
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Can you dismiss or at least sort characters in the roster? (Archived)Safer_77787/16/2013
Is it bad that I don't care about the story? (Archived)
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Street pass team question (Archived)phalnx77/16/2013
What goes through your mind when it comes to class changing? (Archived)
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Can't find any great Lon'qu builds (Archived)Dj15Blue31677/16/2013
So...Tharja moved on in the Character Battle but... (Archived)
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Have you voted for Chrom in today's Character Battle poll? (Poll)superange12877/16/2013
So job change ASAP or not? (Archived)brutalhits37/16/2013
Sigh. Chrom is going to die in this Character Battle. (Archived)
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I lost my club nintendo card, can I find a way to get it back???? (Archived)Bubuhuh57/16/2013
Most Attractive Male Character- Radiant Dawn 1 (Poll)heavylobsterguy87/16/2013
Most Attractive Male Character- Radiant Dawn 2 (Poll)heavylobsterguy57/16/2013