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What's so special about the infinite regalia DLC? (Archived)thatdude22767/12/2013
It's too bad dlc doesn't pass to kids... (Archived)Rev0luti0nN0w47/12/2013
This game is so incredibly frustrating... (Archived)
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Just to clarify can bonus characters be used in your street past 10? (Archived)IhateSeymour57/12/2013
Armsthrift and Streetpass? (Archived)Girolle107/12/2013
CYOA: When Everything Ended II... Really. (Archived)
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Ive never played a game in this series before, are the games individual? (Archived)ColdOne66687/12/2013
Is grinding only possible with the DLC maps? (Maybe spoilers) (Archived)LancenWithmart87/12/2013
Who else didn't like where the art for the series is going? (Archived)
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Lets make it a real humdinger! (Archived)Jaricko17/12/2013
Priam claims to be Ike's descendAnt. Spoilers. (Archived)
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When should I play the Golden Pack maps (Archived)Flucksor37/12/2013
Lunatic, Classic, No Deaths, No Pair-up. (Archived)guedesbrawl97/12/2013
What should I know about going through this game for the first time? (Archived)HeroicSomaCruz97/12/2013
Chrom!Inigo (Archived)DarthValidar97/11/2013
So with the success of this game, will the FE series go on? Any official word? (Archived)TDragon77757/11/2013
Future Past 3 was so easy (spoilers) (Archived)warrenmats37/11/2013
Hair color for Cynthia (Archived)darth_lorenzo57/11/2013
Chrom/Sumia B support (Archived)Metal Gear Raxis87/11/2013
Owain the best character in the game! (Archived)Bellagio_57/11/2013
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