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I like Cavalier Ricken's horse :3*spoilers maybe* (Archived)PrinceChickadee106/6/2013
Canon wise, who is the worst swordsman in Fire Emblem? (Archived)
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What skill should Kellam pass down to Nah?*spoilers maybe* (Archived)PrinceChickadee46/6/2013
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Question about weaponbreaker skills. (Archived)Holy_Serpent26/6/2013
What would be the stat mods for a Muriel!Lucina? (Archived)
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Do you stock up on weapons and items or do you use whatever the game gives you? (Archived)
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what would be good pairings to get kids with these classes? (Archived)DoItForMe26/6/2013
Why Won't Ricken and Lissa's support level go up? (Archived)Dragonball989966/6/2013
Frederick!Inigo skills (Archived)MrSaturn166/6/2013
Manakete Morgan parent support -support spoilers- (Archived)FeMU56/6/2013
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Reminder: Apotheosis isn't hard. (Archived)
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What if you let Sumia die? (Archived)Greggo9486/6/2013
Lunatic Ch. 2 Help (Archived)FooFighters2546/6/2013
Which of these fathers would make the best daddy for Brady? (Archived)DoItForMe66/6/2013