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Maps been out a while (Poll)GoIdenAce45/23/2013
So which character dropped out of school first? (Archived)
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If I'm trying to make a team to do Apotheosis... FeMU or MaMU? (Archived)
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Grandmaster Skillset? (Archived)solarisjedi25/23/2013
Marriage Question. (Archived)Devan223065/23/2013
Walhart, Yen'fay/Say'ri, Emmeryn and Gangrel were all missed opportunities. (Archived)qwertyman200275/23/2013
First Apotheosis run - How well did you do? (Poll)
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I just got hit by an enemy with a 3% hit rate. (Archived)
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So does the boss of Future 3 have any convos like the bosses of 1/2? Spoilers (Archived)iammaxhailme45/23/2013
Never played a fire emblem before... should I play this or another? (Archived)SuigintouEV35/23/2013
Beaten Apotheosis! (Archived)
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What level should I be for end of storyline (Archived)BigEDole35/23/2013
Question (Archived)Kinneth12355/23/2013
Kellam ! Yarne and Gregor ! Laurent or Gregor ! Yarne and Lonqu ! Laurent (Archived)
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why cant (spoilers maybe idk) (Archived)strangers_wrath75/23/2013
Fastest way to get items off Infinite Regalia? (Archived)kirbymaster10135/23/2013
So there actually was one... I just didn't find it back then... (Archived)Is_Corrupted25/23/2013
This made me lol (Archived)MogMoogle135/23/2013
Rosa's start-up guide for Apotheosis (Archived)GoIdenAce75/23/2013
Why did ffta2 fail so hard compared to this? (Archived)
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