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MU in Apotheosis? (Archived)magiccube4527105/25/2013
Dual attacks Help... (Archived)Elias03R45/25/2013
Kids Ranking (Archived)
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Grinding using Heal staffs (Archived)its_matt105/25/2013
MU Tank: Self-preservation? (Archived)realestateman55/25/2013
Which child is best without galeforce? (Archived)PrinceChickadee45/25/2013
Kjelle's Master (Archived)Buster-Blader105/25/2013
Hypothetically: What would you do if the Avatar could... *spoilers* (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
A DLC Question (Archived)Kinneth12355/25/2013
Some people think they can outsmart Gregor. (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3, 4 ]
Best hair: Day 3- Inigo (Poll)
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This reminds me so much of Suikoden! (Archived)sniffy25/25/2013
Let's come up with class sets for DLC and SpotPass characters. (Archived)pizzaman9545/25/2013
I promoted Lissa to a Sage and she lost a point in Resistance (Archived)redroses_4life55/25/2013
Which stat is the most important to raise when forging weapons? (Archived)Turbo_TRex45/25/2013
How much fun/easy will this run be? (Archived)
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When you reload a cleared save file are the enemies stronger? (Archived)Patrick52Willis45/25/2013
What if Armshift worked for staffs? (Archived)MajesticPaladin75/25/2013
Where do I go with pairing from this point? (Archived)redmangoose45/25/2013
Staffbots? (Archived)
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