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So here is the last boss of TSON's Secret Path (Archived)ssb_master25/27/2013
Permadeath (Archived)its_matt85/27/2013
Dual striking questions... (Archived)
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Definitive proof that Emmeryn!Owain is canon. (Archived)Engel15/27/2013
Umm, I'm looking for this topic about hypothetical (but impossible) pairings (Archived)Hanier35/27/2013
Dark Flier Lucina (Archived)kingdjk25/27/2013
Cute second gen marriages. (Archived)
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Hold on... (Archived)
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Your reaction: multiple types of pure water (Archived)uuurrrggh55/26/2013
So is there a point in having a thief or trickster anymore? (Archived)
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Stahl and Panne marriage (Archived)Roxas_112475/26/2013
Help maximizing Lucina's character development for next playthrough (Archived)DetroitPiston8475/26/2013
Are any of the DLC/ spotpass characters worth using and an End Game team? (Archived)Atmaboy45/26/2013
Binding Blade is harder than Blazing Sword and Sacred Stones. (Archived)
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Apotheosis (Anna mode) team (Archived)uuurrrggh35/26/2013
Is cherche any good? (Archived)Godstriker895/26/2013
Is there a FE with more unbalanced playable characters than Radiant Dawn? (Archived)
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I'm having trouble getting Gangrel (Archived)RemixDeluxe105/26/2013
If the DLC characters are killed can I rerecruit them? (Archived)Ellinika_75/26/2013
Should Nosferatu be unbuyable in the next Fire Emblem? (Archived)
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