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Is it pretty hard to do all of the paralogues in one playthrough? (Archived)DemonsHoles65/23/2013
Least favorite class? (Archived)
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Wow, Apotheosis's final wave really surprised me. (Archived)Akuro1935/23/2013
Enough with Cordelia and Owain (Archived)
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enough with the Owain love and Cordelia hate, it's time for new targets (Archived)
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Pavise + Aegis? (Archived)CostanzaK75/23/2013
Agree/Disagree: Mystery/New Mystery and PoR had the most fearsome antagonists. (Archived)Aphoph95/23/2013
Situation: You walk into your tent and see Excellus in a speedo. (Archived)
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Say one thing you like about your most hated character. (Archived)
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Future DLC convo help (SPOILERS) (Archived)hikari19845/23/2013
How do I register this game to Club Nintendo? (Digital copy) (Archived)Blow_My_Mind75/23/2013
Skills question (Archived)grizz9625/23/2013
So no more DLC, Spot pass, etc? (Archived)levyjl198855/23/2013
How much would it cost to purchase all of the DLC for this game? (Archived)Patrick52Willis85/23/2013
DLC Question! (Archived)Lonelyness2185/23/2013
Rift Doors (Archived)DreamWheeler95/23/2013
Lon'qu, Gregor and Third Generation Morgan (Archived)HeoandReo15/23/2013
Need Help! (Archived)EmperorArvis15/23/2013
My thoughts on Apotheosis (Archived)uuurrrggh35/23/2013
Does anyone else hate reinforcements that move on the same turn they appear? (Archived)
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