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Question regarding the ending. SPOILERS.

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4 years ago#1
My question is.
"do the yes / no" answers you chose at the end of the game affect anything?
One was something about Mu and the other one was to kill the dragon or something? Wasn't paying much attention :(
4 years ago#2
From what I remember, there are two times you get questions during the final: once before the actual battle, and once after it. If I'm correctly remembering what I heard, the first question doesn't affect anything, but the second determines a lot of the ending. I haven't tried messing around with the second option myself, but I do remember MU's ending not showing up until after it.
4 years ago#3
The first one makes no difference, as it is simply "Will you listen/join them?" with both answers leading to the same place! The fact that pushing "START" to skip it without it pausing at the option further shows it.

Just the dialogue surrounding that scene changes (one being resistant and forced to come anyway, the other being willing for the others' sake, but both then leading to the exact same scene).

The second (at the end) literally says "Entrust Krom?" (To finish it) Yes/No

Saying no causes MU (Mine is female and was married to Krom, so not sure how it works for Male, I think somewhat the same though!): to go into dialogue about giving her life for the sake of those important to her, etc. and so sacrifices herself. Krom tells Liz not to cry since surely the MU will be back, in some amount of years at least! XD

In the Epilogue then Krom appears and says "Welcome back!" so alls well anyway! Then it showed their epilogue together (since I had S rank, I assume just MU if not)

Entrusting Krom on the other hand (saying Yes, which I did the first time), just skips the above and happily ever after!

Hope that helped! ^o^/
Badger GET!!!
4 years ago#4
I paired MU with Serge and it showed their ending together after that point. Not sure what would happen with her ending when selecting no at that point.
4 years ago#5
Um sorry if I'm misreading or something, but "after that point" means the post-credits scene or the decision? ^-^;;

And selecting no to "that" refers to the selection right? I think it may show the two together afterward maybe? I started a play-through with an opposite gender MU for the FAQ, so until I get there I can only rely on what others tell me.
Badger GET!!!
4 years ago#6
For MU's ending, I mean. MU has his joint ending there as well, and Serge's ending had been withheld from earlier.
4 years ago#7
No difference. If it did, pressing start wouldn't skip the thing. The dialogue during the scene where it appears might change though.
4 years ago#8
Ah okay! Thanks for the clarification!

In that case I imagine the orders change pending on option, but none truly disappear, then.
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