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#1kenshinjeffPosted 1/27/2013 12:35:38 AM
I just got the game, and I see that there are quite a bit of limited time items that I have missed from this page:

1. Are they available in game?

2. I hear people talking about silver/gold weapons, where are those from?

3. Is it possible to totally miss side quests for classes or weapons without having a chance to go back and get them?

4. Using the Adventurer menu, what is the limit of net friends I can invite as a villager? Is it one or two? Does it follow a reset timer or specific timing?

5. If I have an additional 3ds, can I load the demo in it, and put it side by side the whole day for 2 weeks?

6. What happens after you get the "final ending"? Is there a new game+ or would you be able to level up around the last chapter?
#2arson102Posted 1/27/2013 3:31:01 AM
I can only answer number 4.
I've been using the adventure to get 1-2 villagers a day. It looks like it can be every 24 hours/
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6 - There is no NG+ at all. Once you get the true ending, you're given the option to save over in which it rolls you back to a previous "cycle". I haven't really touched the game since I finished it since I noticed right away, it was the cycle part of the game again and I confess that part was a bit of a drag.

Otherwise, I wound up getting close to max level grinding solely on bosses. I recall finishing the game around level 92, which included fighting just about every boss on almost every cycle. You can definitely get to level 99 without much effort though since the game caps the EXP requirement per level at 70k past level 70 or so.
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#4arson102Posted 1/28/2013 12:50:48 AM
I found an explaination on how to get silver weapons is explained in this thread.

I have no idea about gold weapons though.