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User Info: Faerheartr

3 years ago#1
Hey guys, Loving this game and been following friend code threads but they go dead quickly.

My code is in my sig - I update my character in game every 12 hours or so -so always there for summons and monitor gamefaqs every few hours so will add anybody that adds me.

Thanks and have fun playing!
PSN Faerhearte DD:DA Pawn Felurian
FC: 0189+8817+9101

User Info: arkmana

3 years ago#2
Hi, ive added you. I'll try and add any others who join this topic too.

FC= 2578-3296-2343
It's already over.

User Info: DarnArr

3 years ago#3
Hey, I've added you guys.

My FC: 5215-0344-3089

User Info: vincent2079

3 years ago#4
Hey added you guys my FC:


User Info: bigdave09

3 years ago#5
Hi guys. I have just started. Im FC is in my sig. Will add you all now
FC 2251-4608-8440

User Info: 6JackofClubs9

3 years ago#6
Hi, I've added all previous posters, please add me back.

FC: 3668-8810-1546

User Info: xxShadowFlare

3 years ago#7
Added you all, please add me back, FC in sig.
FC - 1461 - 6297 - 6367

User Info: Raijinryuu

3 years ago#8

Please add me

User Info: Theldras

3 years ago#9
Hello, i added you all.

Here is my FC: 1607-3071-1350

User Info: atomic-pipebomb

3 years ago#10
I added you all, please add me too. I update every day.
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