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User Info: TaTaTodayJr

2 years ago#1
Just looking for more friends to build my village faster and all that.
FC 4785-6032-9606

User Info: TheShadowCat

2 years ago#2
I've added you, please add me back =)
Will return to add others who reply as well, so please add me =^_^=
3DS FC: 3265 - 5343 - 3067

User Info: brancors

2 years ago#3
I added you. Please add back.

Friend Code: 3093-7754-6979
Name: Bryce

User Info: gedhavin

2 years ago#4
I've added all three of you. Please add me.

I'll check back periodically and anyone else who posts.

FC: 2148-9495-2112

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