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Friends Please (Archived)Chrisura8616/24 1:32AM
nemesis already in the game? (Archived)vox16616/19 10:28AM
True Ending (spoilers) (Archived)c0ncoct12/18 4:13PM
Bravely Default 999,999 Damage sent attacks friend code exchange (Archived)rpglordbrad2512/12 10:54PM
is this different from the regular version that was released in the US (Archived)itachi0042/11 11:55PM
Stop complaining (Archived)KAN5_Demon11/29 4:19PM
Would like to register some friends for this game :-) (Archived)Squidpuffer112/13 7:56AM
Should I get this game? (Archived)kawaiihito94112/2 4:02AM
The Adventurer (Archived)RingabelDim29/12/2014
VeghEsther's advice on party optimisation (Archived)Darkhacker181118/20/2014
In need of friends!! (Archived)
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Need people to add (Archived)TaTaTodayJr48/1/2014
Big Pharma grind tactic not working? (Archived)vestibual35/27/2014
job pictures (Archived)Hubnnick15/27/2014
abililink and level 14s question (Archived)AnvilMAn75/22/2014
Final Chapter - bravely default boss help (SPOILERS?) (Archived)1212-115/12/2014
What asterisk would you bear and why (no sub classes allowed)? (Archived)Omnimage9454/20/2014
just beat victor/Victoria. question about using their classes (Archived)dryingpan10174/19/2014
Latest Nemesis - Ba'al i; Turtle Dove [?????c. (Archived)executioner77724/19/2014
anybody have a good conjurer/vampire and ninja setups I can test out? (Archived)dryingpan10124/14/2014
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