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Think they'll change the title for localization? (Archived)
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Gandalf the Istari2311/19/2012
oh man, i miss watching streams for this game.. (Archived)moogle69111/18/2012
Bravely Default: Praying Brage (Archived)
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Does changing the characters names affect anything? (Archived)Nekoakuma211/17/2012
Where can I get the Collector's Pack? (Archived)dgco86411/17/2012
Found this (Archived)Alex9001411/15/2012
Get more villagers? (Archived)MadaoKook911/14/2012
about the history (Archived)Celes18311/14/2012
A real sequel coming (Archived)
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Graphics and font on 3ds XL? (Archived)Demo_Target911/13/2012
Can I play this on an american 3ds? (Archived)dambros666211/13/2012
Magus, Devout, Evoker? (Archived)masterrpg7191611/11/2012
level 2 summon (Archived)ultros311/11/2012
Voice Acting (Archived)Emerald_Melios511/10/2012
I noticed the classes draws from both Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (Archived)Emerald_Melios411/10/2012
Story (spoilers of course) (Archived)ultros511/10/2012
Somebody sent a fan artwork to their official twitter account ... (Archived)Chenmaster2111/9/2012
What are the chances of this coming out early next year overseas? (Archived)rpgheaven311/9/2012
So has this game ACTUALLY been confirmed to not come over... (Archived)vgsrule911/9/2012
Overseas release possibly confirmed?! (Archived)
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