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Playthrough topic (Archived)
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Who else is bringing over 20 villagers from the demo? (Archived)Nekoakuma910/27/2012
Nintendo Direct (Archived)Other_Self310/25/2012
Is there a video of the summons and the weapons deathblows (Archived)rokkero33510/25/2012
200 years after this game that would mean ... (Archived)Chenmaster2310/24/2012
Kouli, id like to see your review for this game, harsh or not.. (Archived)moogle69210/24/2012
New game (Archived)
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is this a Re-imagination of Final Fantasy? (Archived)
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Interesting ... looks like more AR movies are on the way. (Archived)Chenmaster2410/24/2012
Something fun (Archived)DullahanEX110/23/2012
Wow Tomoya Asano is very active on twitter. (Archived)Chenmaster2310/22/2012
Which class outfit do you think most fits their personalities / style? (Archived)Nekoakuma310/22/2012
SE and Gamepot announcing a collaboration between BDFF and FE0. (Archived)Chenmaster2310/22/2012
is there any best class combos in this game like final fantasy v and dimensions? (Archived)
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any word on the length of this game yet? (Archived)-BrokenSpiral-910/21/2012
Game just went from a classic to a major disappointment (end game spoiler) (Archived)
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Pirate (Archived)DullahanEX710/20/2012
Eshop (Archived)Nugundam0079610/20/2012
Based off its Japanese success, do you think the odds are up for a localization? (Poll)Sakurafanboy610/20/2012
any romance??? (Archived)
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