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The Final Boss(MEGA SPOILERS I guess) (Archived)MagiusNecros110/19/2012
Can you name your characters in this game? (Archived)
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anyone else playing 4 heroes again? (Archived)rpgheaven910/19/2012
A Japanese gamer asked if there was going to be a sequel on Bravely Default ... (Archived)Chenmaster2210/19/2012
So for those playing (Archived)DullahanEX610/19/2012
Is the Square Enix members site working for anyone else? (Archived)Nekoakuma410/19/2012
For anyone who has this game (Archived)papery0shi21010/19/2012
and the history? (Archived)Celes18110/19/2012
New info coming? (Archived)DullahanEX410/19/2012
Where can I get this game for under 60$? (Archived)evillocke410/18/2012
The Council of Six (Archived)DullahanEX810/18/2012
Bonus Dungeon (Archived)DullahanEX1010/18/2012
Question about sub-scenarios (Archived)Tomiokomatsu910/18/2012
Is Swordmaster the replacement for Samurai or is it something else entirely? (Archived)MellowLyricist310/18/2012
How come this is rated C? (Archived)nomar109810/18/2012
Nolende Village immigrant without wifi/signal cross - Possible? (Archived)Tomiokomatsu410/17/2012
The meaning of the game title = MASSIVE end game spoiler (Archived)FinsMcMan510/17/2012
Is there a set of definitive weapons for each class? (Archived)MellowLyricist210/17/2012
I love how Nintendo acknowledges low sales in America...... (Archived)
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CE unboxing (last 2 classes reaveled?!) (Archived)
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