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collectors edition damaged by amazon (Archived)ArchangelSpyro42/9/2014
Beginner's question about the game. (Archived)HipsterManPrime22/6/2014
This is a really silly question but...(maybe spoilers just to be safe?) (Archived)Emmy1952/4/2014
Are there any different endings to this game? (Archived)Jet_the_hawk7932/1/2014
Youtube ruined this game for me :( (Archived)joetendo6931/31/2014
Japanese Language Change (Archived)Deathswhim41/25/2014
NA Collector's Edition back for pre-order on Amazon (Archived)JackOfTwoTrades21/24/2014
tips and recommended level for fighting the swordmaster? (Archived)Trasken21/20/2014
red mage questions (Archived)Kyubey_daINCUBA21/19/2014
How many bosses are in the demo? (spoilers for the demo) (Archived)badguy31/17/2014
Bravely Default JP E-Shop sale ends January 31st (Archived)MagiusNecros21/17/2014
Friend Codes. (Archived)
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Help with equipment (Archived)davekm161/14/2014
How good is the Freelancers JP up skill (Archived)davekm141/14/2014
Go to hell mythril mines... (Archived)Trasken31/13/2014
I just preordered the NA version of this game (Archived)Skull_pro41/12/2014
Should I play The 4 Heroes of Light first? (Archived)twa55651/11/2014
Do job levels max out at 4 in demo? (Archived)Freakindaun21/11/2014
Looking to add people who have over 10k Data Damage. (Archived)Catacombninja41/10/2014
Is a thief a waste of space? (Archived)davekm151/10/2014
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