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Whats your highest damage? (Archived)lighttamer11/9/2014
how do i use specials? (Archived)Trasken51/8/2014
Any advantages to play tge game on easy? (Archived)lemon_love0121/8/2014
microtransactions.... why? you had one job SE. (Archived)
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Abilities that use BP are confusing. Help! (Archived)Eradan12351/7/2014
Red Mage in Chapter 5, help *spoiler* (Archived)kaedix51/6/2014
Defeating Game's hardest boss on Hard (No SP) Possible Spoliers (Archived)ssstefy11/5/2014
End boss - I'm stuck > . > *spoilers* (Archived)II Sora II31/5/2014
So how many FMVs in this game? (Archived)xABDx31/5/2014
Bout thee Demo (Spoilers) (Archived)RYUU199161/5/2014
Played the demo...blegh. Yeah, no thanks. (Archived)
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Playing the demo. My white lv.3 white mage cannot use lv.3 white magic. (Archived)eghbaxter71/5/2014
So playing the demo.... (Archived)Grmboii25381/5/2014
Question about missing things (Archived)DrSteelecleaver21/4/2014
What next after adamant turtle? (Archived)eventide1141/4/2014
Faq removed (Archived)Zoel31/3/2014
Question about Friend Summons. (Archived)Gogito421/3/2014
Is there supposed to be a boss in the cave to the west of the city in the demo? (Archived)MidgardDragon9921/3/2014
How do you change your streetpass character? (Archived)FF4Fan131331/3/2014
Thoughts on the main characters [spoilers] (Archived)dazai71/3/2014
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