First impressions and brief walkthrough (spoilers)

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Ok, my copy finally arrived today so I'm playing through the intro stage now. Brief walkthrough:

Area X 1 - Nora's Destruction

Guest units are AGE-1 and Diva. Nora's is about to be destroyed, so Diva must pull its core out to rescue the civilians. You can deploy 1 battleship and your initial forces are a Carry Base (Zenon / Yuuki), 1 Phoenix Zero (Mark / Rachel) and 3 Tornado Gundams (Ranarow, Eris, Sheld). Funny that Grodec acknowledges the existence of your forces by being surprised that a mysterious forces appeared to help.

The initial enemies are 2 Gafran and 1 Zedas at north and 3 ELS at west. Forever Gundam also pops up to help.

Break: confront UE in 2 turns
Secret: confront UE in 1 turn

The 1st break brings Quattro in the Hyaku Shiki and 2 Rick Dias with… 2 AEUG soldiers (no Apolly or Roberto) at east. Quattro wants to capture the new Gundam, regardless of the UE or ELS attacking. The Hyaku Shiki (actually, even the Rick Dias) can beat the crap out of your forces by itself, so be careful. I didn't get the 1st secret condition because the Gafrans went after Phoenix Zero instead of AGE-1.

Break: confront Quattro (Hyaku Shiki) with Boris (Forever Gundam)
Secret: confront Quattro (Hyaku Shiki) with Boris (Forever Gundam) after defeating 3 ELS

One of the Rick Dias dropped a Gundarium Gamma OP part, but that was entirely random. You can check that the enemy unit has a OP container, but I've tried reloading several times and didn't get anything out of Hyaku Shiki. After defeating the Hyaku Shiki, any remaining Rick Dias will be captured.

The 2nd break brings 6 more ELS. The secret unit is Mr. Bushido in the Ahead Sakigake, which also can and will hit your units hard.

The stage ends after defeating all enemies. Nora's citizen are rescued and after everyone leaves, Olba pops up briefly to check on the situation. Boris mentions that he'll go after "that man".

Missions I've completed:
033 - Destroy an enemy using the Pursuit Attack
035 - A player character reaches Super High Tension
043 - Used Support Attack
051 - Opening stage clear
052 - Got 3 stars at Nora's Destruction

Colony Level 2 Bonus: AGE-1

Some thoughts / tips:

- 3D effects are meh so far. During battle animations there are 3 layers of depth: background, foreground where units fight and the interface (HP, damage popup), but nothing outstanding.

- The game is unforgiving: if you leave a unit on a bad spot, enemies will focus attack on it. As I said above, simple grunts can hit you beyond half HP in a single shot.

- During unit level up, you can save the points for a later upgrade. I don't know how that works on evolving yet (if spent points are shared or not).

- About capturing: the official site mentions that capturing is done by defeating an enemy, but you can only capture grunt units by defeating the team leader or battleship. I've thought that any unit could be captured, but that was a mistake.

- This is mentioned on several threads but here it goes anyway: the last weapon with purple background is your Pursuit Attack. When performing an attack with any non-leader unit and the enemy survives with low HP, you can call out your leader for a finishing move using this attack. You must be watching the battle animation, and the unit must be within the leader's team area. Also, the leader must have EN / MP left to perform the attack.

- Phoenix Zero comes with a Sub Seat OP, which allows a Sub Pilot to share the cockpit with the pilot as a Seishin bank. The sub's stats don't affect the unit.

- OMG I got three stars by completing the stage with all breaks and secret. What's this now, a smartphone game? I'm kidding BTW, I'm obsessive on getting three stars on stuff :-P
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Now, during intermission I've started playing around with QR and AR codes, which in turn will complete 2 more missions:

097 - Successfully registered using QR Code System
098 - Successfully registered using AR Code System

Colony Level 3 Bonus: White Ark

AR registered units have slightly better stats (AR AGE-1 needs more EXP, but has HP+1000, EN+2, Atk/Def/Mob+2) but cannot be evolved.

You can get AR version Quanta at this site:

Quanta, however, has 2 weapons that require 35 Awakening, which means even Setsuna can't use it properly from the get go. Scout someone like Amuro (70 Awakening!) if you feel like using it.

You can get some of the QR codes from the Japanese wiki:

Use a QR code generator site to convert the text to code. I used this one:
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thx for all the info! but could you explain how the AR and QR system works? i dont quite get it :(
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The AR Code system lets you use AR cards to "capture" a unit into your roster. The game comes with AGE-1's card, so just put it within the camera and push Y to capture it. The site I mentioned above has Quanta's AR card, you can either print it or capture it directly from the monitor. In this case, the units are added to your unit list.

The QR Code system uses QR codes to unlock OPs or units, you just point the camera towards it for the magic to happen. In the case of units, however, they're only registered into the factory instead of being added to the unit list. You still have to buy them.

You can access the Code Reader from the intermission's System menu (the one with the thin colony image, last option).

Just tried out the other route:

Area A 1 - Day of the Unicorn

Unicorn (Banagher / Audrey) is fighting Ksh.atrya (Marida) at east. ELS appear with Barbatos Mirage (100000 HP!) at south. Forever Gundam (Boris) pops up near the center, so does your force at center-east.

Break: Banagher beats Ksha.trya's HP below 50%
Secret: Banagher beats Ksha.trya's HP below 50% in 2 turns

The first break brings out Angelo in his Custom Geara Zulu and 4 Gaza-Ds, they appear at north.

The secret unit is Irei in the Beginning 30 Gundam, he appears at west.

Break: Defeat Angelo with your team leader (no Map Weapons)

Be careful of Angelo's team, they'll use assisted attacks whenever possible. With Angelo defeated, got a Booster dropped and a Gaza-D captured.

The 2nd Break brings out a Zedas and 2 Gafran. You can't capture any of the UE. On the other hand, Beginning 30 is a tough one, I softened it with Boris.

You may try to defeat Barbatos Mirage, but it's a freaking monster that can one hit KO your units. After defeating all of the ELS around it, it disappears.

At his battleship, Full Frontal is interested to know that a Gundam defeated both Marida and Angelo. Meanwhile, Boris is still curious about what's happening regarding Barbatos Mirage and ELS.

060 - Completed Day of the Unicorn with 3 stars

Colony Level 4: 2 Groups
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thx for the quick answer! u are gr8 man :)
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Thanks for the wiki link ! You can really learn a lot of things about the game by roaming around a little.

But I can't believe they finally added Waltfeld (CE71) BUT still forgot poor Aisha >_<
I mean, they are the first 2 ppl I thought of when I read about this sub pilot thing... =/
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^ Sad indeed, that's what I thought when I saw him alone in the RaGowe.

Played some more, did some grinding at A1 and X1. Maybe it's just me but seems like units and characters level up faster.

Area A1 second Secret: Defeat Angelo with the team leader on Super High Tension (no Map Weapons)

015 - Performed 10 critical hits

Colony Level 5 Bonus: Noel Anderson

Area X 2 - White Wolf

Woolf and Flit are hiding from some Gafrans. Your forces appear.

Break: Woolf assisted by Flit confronts a Gafran
Secret: Woolf assisted by Flit confronts a Gafran in 3 turns

The break has Char in his Custom Zaku and 3 Zakus appear at west. The secret unit is Neo in the Exus, comes from the north.

Break: Flit defeats Char
Secret: Flit defeats Char with Woolf's assist

Char can be a bit of trouble. By triggering the 2nd break, 4 Ahead Smultrons appear at east, leaded by Soma. Remember to leave out a Smultron alive before defeating Soma to capture it.

As soon as all enemies are defeated, Flit thanks Woolf for the help, and Woolf admits Flit has some talent.

011 - Defeated a total of 50 units
053 - Completed White Wolf with 3 stars

Colony Level 6: White Base

Area A 2 - Battle at Odessa

Ramba Ral leads a group of 5 Zaku in his Gouf, at northwest. Amuro and Kai are out.

Break: Kai defeats Ramba Ral
Secret: Kai defeats Ramba Ral with Amuro perfuming a Pursuit Attack

Doing the Pursuit Attack can be tricky. Take out a bit of Ramba's HP first and then attack with Kai. The Black Tri Stars also join the battlefield at the third turn.

For the 1st break, Dagza and two other Loto appear at northwest. The secret unit is Waltfeld in the Ragowe, coming from west.

Break: Amuro defeats Dagza
Secret: Amuro defeats Dagza with Kai's assist

Chronicle appears with 2 Zolos at north. It's the first time the break reinforces felt easier to defeat.

024 - Got 10 OP
061 - Completed Battle at Odessa with 3 stars

Colony Level 7: Booster x3

After that I replayed A2 and X2 to get the second secret triggers and level up a bit more.

021 - Captured 10 units

Colony Level 8: 100000 capital
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just a quick question, it seems 00 raiser cant activate trans-am in the middle of a turn ( for like 5 turns? ) like in previous games. did they take it out or am i missing something?
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SchLeiM posted...
just a quick question, it seems 00 raiser cant activate trans-am in the middle of a turn ( for like 5 turns? ) like in previous games. did they take it out or am i missing something?

Taken out I think. Serevee and virtue have a "parts" command to remove their armour.
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^ Yep, played a few more stages and just got a 00 Raiser, Trans-am is attack only, so no more temporary stats boost.

A3 - Jaburo's Wind

Camille and Quattro land at Jaburo for their assault, but the defense line is thin. 2 Sudoris with 4 Hizack and 4 Marasai appear, leaded by Jerrid and Mauar

Break: Camille confronts Jerrid in 2 turns
Secret: After defeating 3 Hizacks, Camille confronts Jerrid in 2 turns

The break has Ramba Ral appear again in his Gouf with 2 Zakus. The secret unit is Heero in Wing.

After the initial group is defeated, Rosamia appears with 3 Gaplant.

I lost track of what the 2nd Break condition was. It might be to defeat Ramba with the leader unit, will check later. This break brings Louise and 3 Smultrons.

063 - Completed Jaburo's Wind with 3 stars

Colony Level 9: Ace Point +100

X3 - Alleluya Rescue Operation

We have Setsuna and Alleluya escaping from the facility he was taken hold. Not surprisingly, Setsuna has the company of Marina in his sub seat, though we clearly lack some other meisters helping out.

There's 12 GN-X III blocking our way to the line of escape at southwest, just let Alleluya reach there or defeat 9 GN-X III with Setsuna to finish the stage.

Break: Defeat 3 GN-X III in 2 turns
Secret: Defeat 3 GN-X III in 1 turn

The break enemy is Norris in Gouf Custom and 5 Zakus.

Break: Confront Norris with team leader
Secret: Confront Norris with team leader in Super High Tension (no map Weapon)

The 2nd break group is Pipiniden leading 6 Zoros. For the secret unit, Merrybell in Bandit.

029 - Performed 3 Chance Steps
034 - Watched 100 battle animations
054 - Completed Alleluya Rescue Operation with 3 stars
096 - Saved 100 times

Colony Level 10: Millais Alloy
Colony Level 11: Argama
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