My save file got deleted!

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3 years ago#1
Hi guys

I'll start by saying I don't read Japanese so this could have been my fault!

I had just opened up the 2 star urgent quest when I thought I would download some DLC.

I loaded it up and tried to save the two quests by ticking the boxes and pressing X to download. This didn't work so after a couple if tries I pressed START and quit.

However imagine my despair when I loaded my game back up and there were no save files for me to continue - it was gone!

I have had to start over again but am clearly not accessing DLC until I work out what I did. Can anyone else help?

I have played MH3P and MH3G and never deleted my save file before so it is surprising!

I've also noticed that if I close my 3DS XL to pause the game when I open it up my circle pad pro stops working so I have to restart the game to get it working again. I'm not having much!

3 years ago#2
You may have went into the options on the main menu and performed the data reset (second option). If not then that's a serious glitch.
3 years ago#3
Is that the menu where I set up the circle pad pro?

If so that could be it, thanks!

3 years ago#4
Yes, CCP was the first option, data reset is the second.
3 years ago#5
That must have been what I did. Thanks again.

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