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3 years ago#1
Well the PS3 board has one, why not this too? The idea is quite simple: each post will add 2 words to create a wonderful story... here's what happened on the PS3 one lol

"On zero's chest there was chocolate derp syrup with mini herp pancakes is nailing awesome sauce Biscuits and Macross salt came now Stylish... and cheese legit hyper shenanigans are Nothing to me! X-23's footdive in the face book dot ass cake luna toast SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!! Abdominals metriod guy CRAB BATTLE IF cave Dragon Quest fantasy fighter Brazzers password trish =trashy jugs Morrigan seduced donkeys. However spy vs spy and was taken Foxhound fornicated fabulous flamboyant Dante ate eats smoker ashes but explodes scout ranger call vomited inside Viper's hair and falcon saw mega man dying from leading monkeys into zombie-infested nuclear sewers but Nemesis tripped on Hsien-ko tentacles killed waifu destroying pikachu's ketchup flavored drink Rick astley used OBJECTION OVERRULED! super suddenly OVERRULED!!! hyper combo finish? Pikachu perfect timing on McLovin Rigby Bueller? Has bionic eyes that Maya fires aiming gerbils. Prosecutor. Utl execute!!! the wabbit OPTIC ARM! NOW BEHOLD OPTIC BLAST a slut in France for stealing my bike and a prostitute's lunch money condom Luna has become. Depressing and killing kills the chicken behind the paper door fray jebaited Akuma's afro gingivitis what did Bieber die for copulation Luna copulated forcibly killing every roll in turkey's industry look-chicken La La lei Lu na Dante came on Luna's dog because Luna came back to save Luna's industry from hell. Porn Nemmy. Dante shuma exploded on nemmy's big rocket ballz of explosion then Batman ate Felicia out in Russia while vergil watches Arthur deed while jacking to Dante having a sandwich scout scream loud when birds have coitus birds chocolate rain feces some stay dry and others jack feel the painful baka wrath of ferrets! War Machine ate fried kool-aid on Wheatley while wetting stupid flowers who needed Love Then zero shouts HADOKEN! fraud hitomitanaka then Luna eats big roosters inside me and it caused so much indigestion pizza inside pizza sticks with milk and cookies and chocolate sauce mixed with gasoline and organs and guacamole genetials you died for killing Sparta industries now and heavy sandvich dominates those WacArnolds. Doom foot dive CHIMICHANGAS in to chilaquiles Dead. However Guile beats my snake way to easily but capcom gave Wesker DZA_UK DuuuDe14 crack pipe hallucination. Then koga licked Luna's was hole. Owned. *hurls* booty TOASTY 3-D boobs oiled up CHOCOLATEEE came with skittles. However banditos from space rainbows are coming to rape my little CHRISSSSSSSSSSSS fondle Tue doombot killed Dr. Madnar. Then Dr. Robotnik's mean bean machine fired poop up Deadpool's arsenal which destroyed Wesker and doom who finger tickled strider then ate Maya's Vajra. Amaterasu died because viper's boobs were exploded inside a silicone dragon Spy kids are as bad as hood for backstab lurk while homer does crack with engineer and glados who only killed Seth banged full while and planned to scratch ass popcorn that butter biscuits. With LSD residue however there can only be one last sayian of all time. Then vergil boned MODOK in broom stay Luna last post"

So let's start this off...

Wesker went
( ^_^)/\(^_^ )
Maya high five!
3 years ago#2
Trenchcoat shopping
3 years ago#3
to hide
3 years ago#4

his big

3 years ago#5
Wesker went trenchcoat shopping to hide his cockatoo
3 years ago#6
... then he
3 years ago#7
dies instantly
3 years ago#8
and Wright
Madegame1000 is a pretty cool guy, eh makes posts and doesn't afraid of anything.
3 years ago#9
---3DS friend code: 3437-3103-7075
3 years ago#10
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