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to all those that plan to play this but never played the PS2 version: (Archived)Darkefka106/20/2013
Uh so release date? I thought E3 would give us one :( (Archived)
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Will this game have anything different (spoiler) (Archived)VDWolfer66/18/2013
Hahaha, Oh My. (Archived)defunct3296/18/2013
So apparently there is a new scene in the game (Archived)wwwgippal266/18/2013
FFX was the first FF game i ever played, and i used AR to beat it (Archived)
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PS3 Release List has FFX/FFX-2 HD Remaster available on 10 September. (Archived)legend25346/16/2013
I hope they low the level of Evrae (Archived)
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Has SE talked about this game yet? (Archived)dedrick123106/14/2013
Has it been confirmed? (Archived)earthmaster356/14/2013
If they left out Last Mission in X-2, how much content would we lose? (Archived)RPGman166/13/2013
Dear god, what did they do to their faces? (Archived)wwwgippal246/12/2013
Game Progress - % of Completion (Archived)
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New trailer (Archived)Friedplacenta56/11/2013
E3 News (Archived)EdwardE1ric46/11/2013
Comparison picture (Archived)
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On Amazon for 39.99 (ps3 version) (Archived)LPenguinK86/7/2013
They're making a FFX Collection, but selling separately on Vita? (Archived)
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E3 Confirmed along with other Square announcements (Archived)ChaosInvoker46/5/2013
thunder plains (Archived)GigerSupreme56/4/2013