Who would you say is the hardest final boss in an FF game? *Spoilers*

#1APicPosted 3/10/2014 7:57:11 PM(edited)
I'm not making a poll as I doubt I'd be able to fit them all in, but which final boss did you find the hardest out of the main games? How about the hardest from a spin-off game? Looking for opinions. Also, if possible, could you say why you think it's the hardest?
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#2Gamegeek123Posted 3/10/2014 7:43:26 PM
Yu Yevon

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#3Funny2neverPosted 3/10/2014 7:46:56 PM
Bras las final aeon/ jecht was pretty hard for me other then that maybe kefka or neo exdeath
#4desertmanPosted 3/10/2014 7:55:37 PM
Cloud of Darkness
#5Null_ChambrePosted 3/10/2014 7:58:30 PM(edited)
Skipped over the word final...wow.
Um, probably Ultimecia, but even she was pretty easy.
#6handryspoofPosted 3/10/2014 7:59:24 PM
FF XIII -> cast Death and Doom... I know other bosses also do this, but XIII mechanic is so RNG-ish that game over is because stupid mechanic not wrong strategy...
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#7InDepthFFPosted 3/10/2014 8:05:52 PM
Absolute Virtue

This boss was unbeatable for over a year. The player community complained constantly insisting that he was unable to be killed. Raids would last over 24 hours and still end in wipes with outside party help even coming in to assist all for nothing. Didn't matter if you had the best beat out there you would still loose. A few kills were eventually obtained however the dev community came out stating that these were through illegitimate means and not authentic.

The Dev team eventually had to come out and release a video of them defeating the monster proving it was doable however even parties piecing together the montage were unable to actually defeat him

To this day, even after raising the level cap he remains a difficult boss.
#8YamiJustinPosted 3/10/2014 8:07:17 PM
Unless you follow the strategy to the letter, Penance is very difficult.
Same thing with Major Numerus
I heard Omega Weapon from 8 and Ozma from 9 too
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#9bvillebroPosted 3/10/2014 8:11:38 PM
TC asked for Hardest Final boss, not superboss. Those aren't the same thing

Of the one's I've played, the undying was prolly the hardest. He wasnt an absolute pushover/plot rigged battle
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#10YamiJustinPosted 3/10/2014 8:13:23 PM
crap I read that as hardest final FANTASY boss lol.
hm, hardest final boss?
yeah, undying was hard in 12. i also had trouble with safer sephiroth as a kid
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