Ability Spheres? ?

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User Info: Kite_G

3 years ago#1
So I am at the beginning at kilika, did a little grinding and realized I am running out of them fast. When will I get more in the game?? Thanks in advance
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User Info: ragnarok_weapon

3 years ago#2
Soon when you get to Mi'ihen highroads, the dual horn drops them. I grind/farm a little bit there for some abilities spheres, because I was the same position as you were.
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User Info: YamiJustin

3 years ago#3
Dude, there's the "Extract Ability" ability on the sphere grid you can learn!
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User Info: mico_ongo

3 years ago#4
just use the skill extract ability to get more...someone in your party should have it if you've been grinding...

User Info: kibasoul

3 years ago#5
also, you can use wakka's Extract Ability skill to make enemies drop them. it shouldn't be too far when you first use his grid.

User Info: LordTrinen

3 years ago#6
The Piranhas around the salvage ship at the beginning can also be farmed for Ability Spheres. A little late for you now but for future reference.

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