I just broke my ps3....

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1 year ago#1
Tell me why I'm going through the omega ruins and I get to the 2nd section with the mini bosses and I beat them all pretty easily then get to Omega so I decide to go back to the save point so I can heal and leave to get more items, (and save of course) but guess what on the way back I get ambushed by that stupid slime ball thing with 85 thousands eyes and it uses bad breath and i never got to have a turn and everyone died....game over....all that for NOTHING...

I love this game to death, always have but things like that piss me off bad. You just can't do anything bout it, even if I had first strike his next move would be the bad breath and it would be over sooner or later. I hate these stupid enemies
1 year ago#2
Delay Buster. You're welcome.
1 year ago#3
If you had First Strike you could escape.
1 year ago#4
what part bout he ambushes me and and I can't control any of my characters, they just die from the posion, don't you get??
1 year ago#5
1 year ago#6
the only person who has flee is Tidus so far, so yes that would work but no one else has it yet so till then that's the only thing that works
1 year ago#7
First Strike + provoke prevents bad breath as well.
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1 year ago#8
I don't get the part where he ambushes you and you can't control any of your characters, they just die from posion.
1 year ago#9
first strike gives you 1 move first even on an ambush
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1 year ago#10
I understood it. You don't seem to understand how to customize your gear (even though there was in-game tutorial on it). I'm glad you broke your PS3. You obviously need to quit playing and take a class in Anger Management.

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