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I miss old school Ys :( (Archived)
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99,5% and 99,3% of chests and harvest pts (Archived)YoungLage74/24/2014
How much space on the Vita does it take for this game to save? (Archived)Becca44/23/2014
can't take any quests (Archived)hoopotus24/23/2014
Confirmation re. a resource point please (Archived)RocketJess14/20/2014
Mouse's information... (Archived)FFFanatic123424/15/2014
99.1% map completion. In Iris (spoilers) (Archived)ChrnoDstroyer1224/14/2014
Ancient Burrow key pieces? (Archived)TwilightWolf00024/8/2014
Have I missed out on anything... (Archived)FFFanatic123424/8/2014
How Far am I into the game & A tad bit disappointed in this game? (Archived)NinjamanXXXX34/6/2014
Wondering if I should get this. (Archived)LustValkyrie34/6/2014
Feeling kinda short on money. Anyway to alleviate this? Spoilers up to Highland. (Archived)HellsController44/5/2014
Any Prior Knowledge Required for this Game? (Archived)bonusa74/2/2014
What are beast and plant materials used for? (Archived)TwilightWolf00024/1/2014
does this game pick up much? feels monotonous so far (Archived)
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anywhere this is for sale? (Archived)Aalvi63/30/2014
My save data was corrupted and I need help... (Archived)0crest023/26/2014
Boss Rush and Time Attack records (Archived)K_Wilson13/26/2014
NES Ys remixes (My other thread died - sorry :( ) (Archived)Doby_G23/25/2014
Avarage lenght of the game? (Archived)Tenshi_no_kaeri53/24/2014
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