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does this game pick up much? feels monotonous so far (Archived)
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anywhere this is for sale? (Archived)Aalvi63/30 3:00PM
My save data was corrupted and I need help... (Archived)0crest023/26/2014
Boss Rush and Time Attack records (Archived)K_Wilson13/26/2014
NES Ys remixes (My other thread died - sorry :( ) (Archived)Doby_G23/25/2014
Avarage lenght of the game? (Archived)Tenshi_no_kaeri53/24/2014
How do I get the ajax sword? (Archived)Vlad9492343/23/2014
Just picked this up! So how's the girl from Shining Force 2? (Archived)dandangogogo33/23/2014
Beat it! Easiest final bosses in Ys history and WORST ending ever :( (Archived)gfaqster103/22/2014
Wanders Cloaks discription is vague. I have questions. (Archived)ultralewis93/19/2014
Question about bosses... (Archived)FFFanatic123433/18/2014
New game + [SPOILER] (Archived)supermichael1133/18/2014
Just bought the game today just a few questions.... (Archived)ArcFan1000073/17/2014
Mega Weapons Test - Halberd (Archived)pinksandcocaine23/16/2014
Failed Sword Training [SPOILER] (Archived)supermichael1133/16/2014
About the red memory orbs... (Archived)Fujinicole8833/16/2014
Missing 1 Monster >_> (Archived)BlackRoseD23/14/2014
So why are some people complaining about graphics/ Is this game really great? (Archived)carsauce63/14/2014
I went from Nightmare to Hard... wow so easy! I'm enjoying the game now. (Archived)gfaqster53/12/2014
Ys games question (Archived)
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