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4 years ago#1
Hello all. I've been really frustrated with the lack of information on this games 32 hidden trophies. I am posting this topic where everyone can share the hidden trophies they have personally unlocked so that we may generate a more complete list than is available anywhere else.

Here are the hidden trophies which I have unlocked:

"Cleared The Fiend Hunter" - Bronze
Completed Chapter 5

"Rookie Scarab Hunter" - Bronze
Obtain a scarab.

"Lead Scarab Hunter" - Bronze
Obtain 10 scarabs.

"Ninja Carnage" - Bronze
Kill every enemy in an ambush.

"Over 10,000,000 Karma" - Bronze
Get 10,000,000 Karma.

Please post any additional hidden trophies in the replies below!
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4 years ago#2
I have quite a few, but they are pretty boring. You get a Silver for all scarabs and another bronze for clearing six fiend challenges. Those I remember off the top of my head.
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4 years ago#3
And a bronze for 30 scarabs.

There are also bronzes for chapters 10 and 15.
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4 years ago#4
I left out the progression ones on purpose and simply forgot what the other scarab one was. Good call.

The trophy after the other weapon ones is likely for the Dark Dragon Blade. Hopefully 100 instead of 1,000, though, since it would require some massive grinding of missions otherwise. Beating the game on each difficulty is a no-brainer, and since I skipped one of Rachel's fiend challenges by accident, all fiend challenges including hers is a good candidate for another trophy. Completing mission sets will account for the rest. Team NINJA never was too interesting with achievements/trophies.
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4 years ago#5
The one after Wooden Sword/ Unlabored Flawlessness Master is actually:

Rachel Master: Defeat 500 enemies with Rachel. (Bronze)

Aside from that, I've found:

Thanks for Finding Me!: Find all Team NINJA logos. (Bronze)
Just Put Me On: Hold 99,999 Yellow Essence. (Bronze)
Coin Aficionado: Obtain 50 coins in Ninja Trials (Silver)

Really, I don't see the point in making so many of these hidden. I guess they want you to discover them by accident, but still.
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4 years ago#6
My annoyance with the hidden trophies is the fact that no one can see your special accomplishments.

Say you beat the game on Master Ninja, nobody else will be able to tell from your trophy list except for the others who have that exact trophy unlocked. How dumb is that? It's completely antithetical to the concept of trophies.
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4 years ago#7
Is there a third Team NINJA logo? I've only found the one where the Prototype Xbox was and the one by the Gates of Hell.
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4 years ago#8
Here are some of the secret trophies I found. I tried to submit them to the cheats section, but it got rejected...

Rachel Master Defeat 500 enemies with Rachel (Bronze)
Cleared The Way of the Ninja Completed Chapter 1 (Bronze)
Cleared The Fiend Hunter Completed Chapter 5 (Bronze)
Cleared Tairon Under Alert Completed Chapter 10 (Bronze)
Cleared The Caverns Completed Chapter 15 (Bronze)
First Clear Finish all chapters of the game (Bronze)
Cleared Hard Finish all chapters of the game on Hard (Bronze)
Cleared Very Hard Finish all chapters of the game on Very Hard (Bronze)
Rookie Scarab Hunter Obtain a scarab (Bronze)
Lead Scarab Hunter Obtain 10 scarabs (Bronze)
Master Scarab Hunter Obtain 30 scarabs (Bronze)
Legendary Scarab Hunter Obtain al scarabs (Silver)
Ninja Carnage Kill every enemy in an Ambush (Bronze)
Ninja Slaughter Kill every enemy in 6 Ambushes (Bronze)
Ninja Massacre Kill every enemy in all Ambushes (Silver)
Heroes Never Give Up Activate Hero Mode 100 times (Bronze)
Thanks for Finding Me! Fina all Team NINJA logos (Bronze)
Just Put Me On Hold 99,999 Yellow Essence (Bronze)
Over 10,000,000 Karma Get 10,000,000 Karma (Bronze)
Over 50,000,000 Karma Get 50,000,000 Karma (Silver)
Cleared 2 Trials Clear all Ninja Tutorials and Path to the Ultimate Ninja (Bronze)
Cleared 6 Trials Clear Unrivaled Meting, Nightmarish Phantasms, Abysmal Lair, and Secrets of Shooting (Bronze)
Cleared 10 Trials Clear Secrets of Fighting, Military Destruction, Descent of the Fiends, and Captivating Goddesses (Bronze)
Cleared 14 Trials Clear Desperation, Fateful Confrontation, Battlefield of the Abyss, and Giants of the Underworld (Bronze)
Cleared All Trials Clear Unearthed Challene and Eternal Legend (Bronze)
Coin Aficionado Obtain 50 coins in Ninja Trials (Silver)
Coin Collector Get coins in all Ninja Trials (Silver)
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4 years ago#9

From: CyberEvil | #007
Is there a third Team NINJA logo? I've only found the one where the Prototype Xbox was and the one by the Gates of Hell.

There's one in the area where you fight the tanks and helicopter. Can't go back to this room if you miss it.
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4 years ago#10
Alright that'd be the one I didn't know about. Kudos.
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