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4 years ago#1
I see that alot of ppl have trouble with this part. I found its fairly easy if, when fighting the first group of enemies, allow one to live. Otherwise the rockets come out, and it sucks big time. With one still alive, you stay far enough so he shoots you. When he reloads, go into firs person and start tapping the screen to fire. If you keep doing it fast enough, when the guy shoots you, you wont flinch. It may hurt a bit, but if u have some healw and have on moon armlet/white helm then you should be fine. Well, I hope that helps.
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4 years ago#2

Unless I'm doing a karma run (which I don't do often) this is the strategy I've been using for years.  Yes, it works beautifully.

4 years ago#3

Like I said, though, if you're playing for Karma, don't do this.  You're going to lose a whole lot of kill points.

4 years ago#4
Is it possible to kill off the rocket guys? I jus gave up cuz i was taking way too much dmg.
"Guess i'll logout and check my email or somethin."
4 years ago#5

It's possible, but you have to be very skilled with the bow and arrow, something I'm definitely not....even in the console versions of this game.

4 years ago#6
meh, karma runs are pointless in this game anyway without leaderboards.

and even if there were leaderboards....sun armlet + red helm that greatly increases attack = time bonus on every fight. they'd be swarmed with BS scores.

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