how to unlock kira and athrun c.e. 73 and also strike freedom and 00 justice?

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can anyone guide me the way to get them?
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have yet to play the game (will be getting it in the next few days), but by checking the boards:

kurimzon posted...
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WTF. i nid to S or SS every mission in CE 71? how about phase 15. wtf its so hard.

I only got Justice and Meteor Justice no Athrun :(

Athrun Zala is gotten in the last mission. Did you unlock Kira? Coz I believe Kira is unlocked by starting in EA>Archangel while Athrun is unlocked by ZAFT>Archangel.

As for phase 15 try to kill all other enemies before killing the boss at the end. shld help in getting that S rank.

for freedom just clear SEED Stroy , archangel route phase 14 with an S
for Strike freedom clear SEED Destiny story , archangel route FINAL Phase with a B(thats what i get)
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