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should i import?? (Archived)adamisky1345312/21/2013
Import question (Archived)Pyrochica212/11/2013
Is this better than the DS version? (Archived)SonicNextGen2211/10/2013
Where is the Translation guide with skits included? (Archived)jenrais410/18/2013
Best Artes combos for Luke (Ruka)? (Archived)
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Any arte translation FAQs? (Archived)totaldude9429/21/2013
100 Hour Trophy is Ridiculous (Archived)jetspikefever49/19/2013
How does one execute an "attack feint"? (Archived)Django_Warrior169/19/2013
Floga Panoplia (best armor for Luca) drop rate? (Archived)jetspikefever19/12/2013
How much would you pay for all the DLC? (Archived)gg13259/9/2013
3rd party team wants to know what we want on Playstation platforms. (Archived)hibeef0138/31/2013
Petition to get this game in the West. (Archived)
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I do not know if this version fixed the reasons why this game was... (Archived)Fade2black00178/8/2013
The Recipe ChocoBanana (Archived)Pfike37/27/2013
#jrpgvita on Twitter (Archived)
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How Can I defeat Albert and ... [spoilers] (Archived)Eriksharp107/27/2013
100 Hours Trophy... (Archived)
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Kongwai & QQ's Personality and Missions? (Spoilers) (Archived)windmastery47/7/2013
Secret Dungeon Post-Game; After Clearing the Final Floor Boss, How to Open Door? (Archived)tenkamuteki8237/5/2013
How Can I do Hi-Ougis? (+questions) (Archived)
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