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Last Chance to purchase Cancelled Limited Edition DJ Max Technika Tune (Archived)Ranmaje32841/7/2013
Anyone get random freezes on loading screens? (Archived)GRE3NJ3LLY71/7/2013
Ex charts will be DLC later? (Archived)Kinjishi41/4/2013
Should I try and find a hard copy? (Archived)NinjaGuerra31/4/2013
Is the Platinum trophy-friendly for beginner? (Archived)PangLa51/4/2013
Double notes are killin' me (Archived)Soaper21/4/2013
Technika card? (Archived)Hector_Kisaragi31/3/2013
To unlock all songs...is it only level 50...cause otherwise... (Archived)JRPG21/3/2013
Renovation is epic...I can't beat dark abyss EX though (Archived)JRPG21/2/2013
How should a person with small hands hold this with using the rear touchscreen? (Archived)sirtoastman21/1/2013
Amazon order (Archived)djvampy212/31/2012
Is there a way to transfer my digital copy saved game to the cartridge version? (Archived)_alcheim112/31/2012
Who else hates you have to level up to get all the good songs? (Archived)
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They should make a handle for the Vita (Archived)NinjaGuerra412/30/2012
To Anyone on the Fence About This Game (Archived)StonerJack1012/30/2012
Confirmed: Major Sound Glitch due to Anti-Break (Archived)StonerJack312/30/2012
Why does the girl in the music video for trip have a huge pair of... (Archived)NinjaGuerra512/29/2012
Are all the songs full versions? (Archived)l1f3h2ck3r212/29/2012
Worst visuals for a song? (Archived)Semi45a212/29/2012
God dammit, getting a 99999 combo is a pain... (Archived)Azure_lKite612/28/2012
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