New DLC is out (in Japan)

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woodearth posted...
I am biased but that outfit looks better on Helena than the original owner.

Helena was born with a silver spoon, wearing elegant dresses is what she does best.
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Good to see Christie's slut costume back!.
That's Bass's costume on Mila huh? Kinda cute, but are any of them new designs or are they all color/character swaps?
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Wow thats a lot of costumes. Because there haven't been any official images or anything released, can't really say if the packs are worth it but I'm hoping its unique. Then maybe I'll consider buying them. I still haven't purchased any of the DLC outfit packs yet.

I'm actually curiious to see Helena in Leifang's black party dress, but in white. I think Helena is the only other female character that would look good in that outfit. Lisa just doesn't seem to do it for me.
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I only put the girls' pics up from all three packs. For the distribution:

China Pack:
Helena, Jann Lee, Brad, Genfu

Special Pack:
Kasumi, Mila, Zack, Christie

Formal Pack:
Leifang, Tina, Eliot, Bass

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More recycled crap. And no I don't mean costumes from old games (hell I would prefer those), but swapping same clothes with different color variant on different character. Keep milking that cash cow TN.

I'm happy they gave a couple of new outfits to some characters, but they seriously need to stop with the recycling crap. It' just lazy and stupid. I will admit Helena looks great in the white dress, but if they're going to give the same costume as other characters, they might as well include it in the disc since the original is in it. Of course they would leave it out though to recycle it twice as a paid DLC. TWICE.

Tina gets Lisa's costume.
Leifang gets Hitomi/Mila's costume.
Helena gets Leifang's costume.
Kasumi gets the same bunny costume except it's now in BLACK.

Crapcom would be proud.
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The Japanese site updated.
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I knew that Mila outfit looked familiar. It's based on Bass's biker outfit.
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i swear these are getting SUPER lazy as they release them. i mean these are super lazy. in fact this has cross into milking
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If this trend continues... Mila will wear some ninja outfit at some point...LOL
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