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3 years ago#1
Some Gamestop stores are selling the game early, so check or call ur local gamestop. I know some of them are LOW IN STOCK!
3 years ago#2
And how do you know this?
3 years ago#3
I checked and it said "Usually ships in 24 hours" and i checked the closest Gamestops that have copies, they either said "Low in Stock" or "In stock".
3 years ago#4
The game is street dated which means they get it in advance and are supposed to sit on it until the release date. The website is probably not smart enough to know that and hence shows that they have it before the street date. Low in stock probably means nobody pre-ordered so they only got a copy or two rather than that they've sold down to it.

3 years ago#5
Yeah the clerk told me when i went in they can't sell it to me till Tuesday, they could get fired and i could get in trouble. <4 more days won't kill me, I have the PS3 version to tide me over.
3 years ago#6
I had it pre-ordered, and the store manager called me and said it was in. He also told me that the street date had been lifted and they could go ahead and sell it.
3 years ago#7
Yup, I just got a call a few mins ago from my store that told me it was in and the street date had been lifted. Glad to be wrong.

Maybe I'll sneak out of work a little early.

3 years ago#8
Picking mine up, released date has been lifted according to Gamestop employee.
3 years ago#9
Alright, got it. I wanna see those graphics. Probably another letdown. We'll see.
3 years ago#10
Has anyone figured out how cross save works for this yet? I can't find any reference to it in either version.
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