Very curious on how Tecmo makes money

#21pkmastah15Posted 5/14/2013 8:26:48 AM
wave1000 posted...
LOL! I never said SE was a great company I know they are pretty much dead but like sega they have other areas where they make money to offset at least a little of the problems but ya they are still screwed.

Side note did not know level 5 beat tecmo out after so many games they released and bombed.

LoL. Not surprised at Nintendo being top, but Capcom at #3? Damn, did not expect that.

And yeah, considering how Level-5 bombed so many of their games, I'm surprised that they still beat out TN. I'm more surprised that TN is even in the top 10. Probably because of DLC milking and maybe their other franchises like the Musou series.