What made you buy DOA5?

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User Info: Darkcypher2

3 years ago#41
QwelzaarKane posted...
I've been a fan of the series since I played 2 on the Dreamcast.

same here
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User Info: 2ndAtomisk

3 years ago#42
I had DOA1-4. Plus it looked fun from the pre-release tournaments.
I'm gonna cut out your eyes and piss in the ****ing sockets! ~ Kaine

User Info: ma70er

3 years ago#43
"What made you buy DOA5?"

I hate "Oatmeal Face" Itagaki, so partly out of spite.

User Info: redeadlink

3 years ago#44
i bought it because i wanted a change from Mortal Kombat. however, Mortal Kombat's control scheme has made it so i utterly suck at this game.
You can't spell slaughter without LAUGHTER!
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