So based on the last trailer, Helena is a ranger now

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  3. So based on the last trailer, Helena is a ranger now
2 years ago#1
What is your reaction ? Do you like it ?
2 years ago#2
I like it (need more airtime for Helena in that trailer, seriously), but I'm more surprised at Kokoro with Tifa's outfit, lol. If only her hair style is set to her usual hair and she puts on the straps on her shoulders. Oh, and Jann Lee with... what's that, Kazuma Kiryu's white suit?!
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2 years ago#3
I think TN doesn't like Helena. She always has the least number of costumes and screentime. She didn't even have a proper trailer last year (just a random recorded fight, no transition or epicness).

The only thing that saves her is her role in Story Mode.

Her ponytail is the worst thing.

And now that we have another blondie (Rachel), I feel like she is going to fall into DOA's abyss. Poor Helena...
2 years ago#4
KwonJigglypuff posted...
The only thing that saves her is her role in Story Mode.

You do know they write the story right? If they really did hate her, she wouldn't have a good role either.
2 years ago#5
I know, I know. What I'm saying is that I feel like she is only here for story purposes. They don't like her. They screwed her ponytail but they did a great job with Kasumi's, Sarah's, and now even Momiji's, Kokoro's, Hitomi's... She was the one with the most color swaps (Tina's kitty costume, Lei's leather dress...). And she had the least new options from DOA4 to DOA5.

2 years ago#6
Well, there's at least one guy at TN who really likes her 'coz Helena has probably the best character model in the game---from the face all the way down to the feet. Oh, and see even gets the classy swimsuits.
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2 years ago#7
guess noone noticed eliot has cat ears now
2 years ago#8
Menace2Society posted...
guess noone noticed eliot has cat ears now

Nobody cares about Elliot.
2 years ago#9
Seems like juggling became rather "flippier" with how everyone hurls their opponents up.

As for Helena, she needs screentime alright. Just because she's DOA's prized blonde rich girl, it doesn't mean she gotta mind her nails and such to be held back from fighting anyone but she's far from being hated, all because of the lack of costume choices. TN's just lacking creativity lately on everyone honestly (except the Asian girls). I can't even see the costume clearly that costume she's wearing on the trailer.

As for the other things I saw, I like nurse Lisa, cowboy Brad and kitty hoodie Eliot.
2 years ago#10
Link to said trailer?
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  3. So based on the last trailer, Helena is a ranger now

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