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Let's all talk about why Hayashi-san is such a great guy! (Archived)Solid Sonic63/31/2012
Does anyone have a DOA5 demo code? (Archived)calinate9513/31/2012
DOA5 is going to be horrible (Archived)
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WOW, I understand that people really want the demo but.... (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Demo code exchange! (Archived)MNieto23/28/2012
how bout a DOA4 PSN release before sep??? (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
Canon Story (Archived)Phoenix1985gr83/28/2012
So...How's the demo? (Archived)gamestop2793/27/2012
No way to change the difficulty? (Archived)Xyphas43/27/2012
Anyone else pre-order already? (Archived)LordxSloth63/27/2012
Does the AI get smarter as you play the demo? Also, help with holds... (Archived)UncleGrubby103/26/2012
They should rename this to Dead or Alive x Virtua Fighter (Archived)
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DoA 5 Demo code (Archived)
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How can I get the demo? (Archived)ASongforXX83/26/2012
If anyone has a ng3 collectors edition doa5 code plz may i have it? (Archived)gokumadara131333/26/2012
Offer for Demo code (Archived)RyuuHou2553/26/2012
Can someone please tell me how to do Hayate's combo throw? (Archived)frozentuna53/25/2012
Gameshare demo (Archived)
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So now people are selling the demo? Sigh... (Archived)kingwormer12353/25/2012
Do you think TN will include tag power attacks? (Archived)x17x2xwildx43/24/2012
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