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Maybe one day fighting games will be reduced to a series of QTE'sUncleGrubby212/8/2011
Anyone else worried about Jann Lee getting a new face?
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As of now, DOA5 is at 15%HokutoNoBen1012/7/2011
Brad Wong should have Waterfall as a grab.NejiKirby512/4/2011
If Momiji is in, how will she fight?2ndAtomisk411/28/2011
Twitching and Head Shaking?Heatherlover111/24/2011
im gonna buy a ps3 so i can own noobs
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I hope no unfit guest characters show up...
Pages: [ 1, 2, 3 ]
So anyone else hope they use the Ninja Gaiden engine for this game?xOmniCloudx811/18/2011
good thing buying from online sources are so easy and realiable these days
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So, I don't really know this series yet...G_gglypuff711/10/2011
Anyone here submit something for Team Ninja DOA5 move contest?mogrock211/5/2011
Tecmo is TrollingLeshain1011/4/2011
A feature I'd like to see for added replay value...
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The new DOA facebook page is up . . . .Mightyjimpo210/28/2011
What new fighting styles in DOA5 ?
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Will this support 3D?xXKira_KiraXx110/24/2011
The hit effect: yay or nay?
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New full-length version of the gameplay trailer we got earlier:
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Do you think they'll give Lei Fang huge boobs?NeverAsked4This1010/14/2011
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