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How does this compare to Virtua Fighter 5 (Archived)minecraft36/13/2013
so people who have DOA 5 will have to buy another disc or can we dl as dlc? (Archived)
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Rachel CONFIRMED! + Leon footage (Archived)xOmniCloudx26/11/2013
its leon and rachel (Archived)tehdud36/10/2013
I take it? Tengu isn't coming? (Archived)iWillLive36/9/2013
This game only requires 3 buttons, right? (Archived)phaze_basic46/9/2013
Anyway to disable autosave? (Archived)pirajacinto56/8/2013
Favorite DOA Male? (Poll)ben10pokemon7996/7/2013
A bit of a complicated question... (Archived)Akuumuu56/7/2013
Source of this render? (Archived)mogrock76/6/2013
Need help getting Ranked Matches (Archived)SHADED_FOE26/6/2013
The first thing that comes in to your mind when playing Dead or Alive? (Archived)
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Ultimate will have paid DLC -.- (Archived)
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Just going to leave this here for you all to check out... (Archived)AllstarSniper3276/4/2013
Your Favourite Ponytail (Poll)DrkVrtx56/4/2013
should i buy the swimsuit's or should i just wait for DOA5U? (Archived)
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What's the easiest/fastest way to get 100 titles? (Archived)phaze_basic26/4/2013
third Chinese character will be Chun-li (Archived)UltimateSol26/4/2013
Need help with Anybody, Anytime, Anywhere Trophy (Archived)ALfromHELLSING36/4/2013
Does this game have any Bomb Factory? (Archived)Mass_Carrier66/3/2013
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