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4 years ago#1
8's from the big guys, but only 6.4 average from GameFAQs?

What went wrong?
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4 years ago#2
Better question - What is good?
Gameplay, music and price are good.
Review numbers need not to be the end all of something`s worth.
4 years ago#3
This game is GREAT! Review sites got it right. You can't trust Gamefaqs reviews because haters, trolls, or even people that haven't played the game can give some BS review score. Honestly, do you think Closure would of won so many awards if it sucked????
4 years ago#4
Because a lot of people are dumb, and can't handle games that actually require you to use your brain?
4 years ago#5
It's a PS3 exclusive.. I think that has a lot to do with the hate it's getting.. I think it's a great game! puzzles, music, atmosphere the whole damn thing..
4 years ago#6
What does being PS3 exclusive have to do with anything? And what hate is this game getting? Almost all reviews are 8 or above and it's an award winning indie game. Most people I know are thankful it made it to consoles! I don't know how it's faring sales wise, but once it's at $10 it will definitely sale a bunch more copies....
4 years ago#7
Judging a book by it's cover is something you should do not.
Substituting a cover for a number is worse.
Numbers in this case make me numb..
4 years ago#8
Very witty:v)
4 years ago#9
I put Closure right up there with my favorite Psn games all time and that's a pretty great list: Pixeljunk Series, Journey, Joe Danger, Trine, Sideway New York, and Closure....not in that order though:)
4 years ago#10
It's a rather short game that didn't have a lot of hype leading up to release.

It's a lovely game and I had a blast playing it, but even I admit that if I hadn't loved the original flash game, I wouldn't have been interested in this.
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