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3 years ago#1
There is no gamecenter on the android and I have no idea how to add friends. Add me and I will send you a gem for every gem you send, don't send me more till I send you back.
3 years ago#2
OK I just find out that facebook will be the way to adding friends using Androids although I still don't know how it exactly works. Anyways I am "Yoseph Hosani" my profile pic is a dorky looking dude with a slightly messy hair in a blue shirt with a lot of sun shine. Msg me if you find anything about this.
3 years ago#3
How do I add friends to my DragonVale park? And/Or I am getting a “content has been reported as abusive” message when trying to add my Facebook friends. Why?

If you are getting this message, it is likely you are “inviting” friends, not adding them. In order to add friends to your DragonVale park, your friends will need to be added through Facebook.

-Each player must have DragonVale installed on their device.
-You must be friends with each other through Facebook.
-Each player must be logged into their Facebook account through the options menu in DragonVale to show up on each other’s friends list.

Please note that you may see a warning if you use the Invite Friends tab. This sends an invite to your Facebook friends and posts a link to their wall which can be marked as spam or report that “content has been reported as abusive”.
3 years ago#4
wow, the one time I take interest in a phone game and I have to do a research just to add friends. thanks for the help dude. Now to add dragonvale friends since none of my friends like it.
3 years ago#5
No prob, go to dragonvale's Facebook page and add ppl. There are many ppl looking to add friends
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